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VR Cycling Simulators and VAS

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Virtual Reality Simulator and Video Analysis Software for Cyclists

Turn a rainy day into a quality cycle training program. Use video analysis software to compliment your personal training. Analysis different aspects of riding style while cycling fresh or fatigued. Check set-up position during simulated hill climbs and sprints. Record and compare data with friends and other cyclists.

Coaches can quickly analyse video and advise students via the internet. Organise and participate in group training rides at arms length while all riders data is collected in one place.

Adding software and internet capability to bicycle training hardware is now the most effective and efficient way to connect cycling with technology.

We have software to suit all needs and requirements. Our solutions offer not just regular video but high speed video along with the ability to communicate with students via the internet. Coaches are able to start small then improve their facility as and when they require.


Who's online? Lets go for a ride!

Get out of the rain and cycle the world. Top courses can be plugged into a stationary bike trainer to simulate hill climbs and more.

Software changes the resistance according to the gradient with coordinated screen images.

View personal ride stats, like speed, distance, ride-time, cadence, heart rate and power together with the images of famous courses.

Heart rate monitor and handlebar mounted console/resistance which can control the software without getting off the bike.

Full internet racing capability. Organise your own training rides and competitions on more that 40 different courses.

Australian Golf Technologies are Australia's leading provider of technology to the golf industry. With a raft of products based around the Golf Achiever SIM Virtual Reality golf simulator and launch monitor, SAM PuttLab and SAM BalanceLab systems and GASP video analysis software, your entire technology requirements for golf teaching, club fitting, retail sales, golf simulator, indoor golf centre and home based practice and game play systems are covered.
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VR Golf Simulator - Launch Monitors - Video Analysis Software - Golf Coaching Systems

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