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Virtual Cycling Club

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Can't find time during the day or don't like riding in the traffic? Then cycle the world from home. Use a variable resistance stationary bike trainer with pre-programmed courses or create your own. Simulate easy or hard courses, train alone, with friends or new friends via the internet. Start a bunch or join an existing ride.

Experience virtual reality cycling today.

Virtual Cycling Club

TT - Short distance individual Time Trials

Open to all riders

  • 500m Flat at 0% (incline)
  • 1000m Flat

Open to all registered club riders

  • 500m Constant at 10%
  • 1000m Constant at 10%

King of the VR Mountain

  • 500m at Variable up to 20%
  • 1000m Variable up to 20%

Age group (individual) and category rankings

Sprint - Short distance sprint challenge

GT - Intermediate distance challenges

GTT - Intermediate distance individual time trials

GTTT - Teams intermediate time trials

Tour - Long distance road race

VR - Long distance simulated road races for individuals

VRT - Long distance simulated road races for teams

Australian Golf Technologies are Australia's leading provider of technology to the golf industry. With a raft of products based around the Golf Achiever SIM Virtual Reality golf simulator and launch monitor, SAM PuttLab and SAM BalanceLab systems and GASP video analysis software, your entire technology requirements for golf teaching, club fitting, retail sales, golf simulator, indoor golf centre and home based practice and game play systems are covered.
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VR Golf Simulator - Launch Monitors - Video Analysis Software - Golf Coaching Systems

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