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Video Analysis Software for Sport

Video Analysis Software for SportVideo Analysis Software for Sport

  • Golf Swing and Putting Stroke
  • Cycling Position and Coaching
  • Snooker Position and Stroke
  • Athletics, Tennis, Rowing

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SportPlay Sport Coaching Systems

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VR Sport Simulators - Training and Coaching Tools

Virtual Coaching and Training for Australian sport. The technology started in Europe and has a strong and [almost] necessary following in Europe and North America due to weather restraints and environmental factors.

VR Sport simulators bring [more] participants together, over great distances and in all weather conditions, for training, racing and leisure.

We supply many solutions for participants in sport and sports coaching. The systems and versatile can be used with any sporting activity. Hardware combined with video analysis software allows individuals and coaches to evaluate motion in a simple and easy way. It allows the correction of mechanics and visually shows improvement.

Systems can be used by clubs, schools, individuals, personal trainers, coaching institutions or other sporting related groups. Single systems can be remotely connected via the internet or an intranet. Start basic and expand or implement complete systems.

Combining computers with exercise has many advantages for old and young. Participation levels for all sports can be increased due to the inherent safety of stationary training and racing. Disabled or disadvantaged competitors can participate safely in mainstream sport by eliminating distance and terrain as obstacles.

Using cameras, computers, stationary trainers, interactive software and the internet for participation and coaching of sport.

Individuals and Teams

Interact with others online at any time

Join social groups or competitive teams


Students and Teachers

Add VR sports options for schools to increase participation with safety.

Inter school competitions


Coaches and Athletes

Extensive range of online working environments and tools covering all aspects of [remote] coaching with student interaction.


Clubs and Members

Complete systems for fitness clubs, sports clubs and social clubs.



First Time User - Webmasters Report

I have just trialled the basic software using a home videos of my son on a stationary bike trainer and the results could be seen clearly and quickly.

My conclusion is that bike position and set-up is more accurate with a fluid analysis as opposed to a static (traditional) system as used by many professionals in the past.The video analysis software showed very small discrepancies in what we thought was a "perfect position". I was also able to compare "fresh" and "fatigued" set-up postures and climbing and sprinting positions!

Software is separated into "coach" and "student" packages. All software has "free" or "trial" versions.

Cycling enthusiasts, club riders and cycling professionals can use the GASP Lite Gold version to record, store and analyse videos with basic drawing tools and link directly to their coach or other professional with more advanced drawing and analysis tools.

Special cameras and computers are not required to make the software work. (I used an ordinary "stills" digital camera on video setting) Minimum computer requirements are given for optimal use.

If used in the workshop, data is immediate and adjustments to bike position can be made quickly and accurately.

This is only the most basic way in which the software can be used. Advanced riders and coaches will find more valuable coaching and analysis tools with options that are available as add-ons.

Another option is a complete coaching and analysis system that can be rolled out Australia wide for any client with multiple retail outlets, coaches, teams and/or clubs.

More information and demonstration videos will be available soon!

Australian Golf Technologies are Australia's leading provider of technology to the golf industry. With a raft of products based around the Golf Achiever SIM Virtual Reality golf simulator and launch monitor, SAM PuttLab and SAM BalanceLab systems and GASP video analysis software, your entire technology requirements for golf teaching, club fitting, retail sales, golf simulator, indoor golf centre and home based practice and game play systems are covered.
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